Right Place – Right Time

Carolina Wren © Jan A. Allinder

Very rarely are we ever in the right place at the right time WITH a camera set up. This particular day, I had set up my camera and tripod with flash in my backyard near the feeders. This was taken back in 2002 with the Nikon D1H and 600mm lens set at f/4.0. The flash was necessary as it was early in the morning.

I’ve always found it tricky to photograph Carolina Wrens because they rarely stay still very long. This particular wren landed on the branch, looked both ways and then did a very quick display (there must have been a female wren nearby). I was able to fire off 5 shots of this little guy before he flew off.

Yes, some of this can be attributed to luck, but I like to think it’s because of all of the hours I’ve stood waiting for birds to land near where my camera is aimed. What helps make this shot is the nice blurred background (f/4.0) and the soft light. The flash filled-in some areas that would have been dark and lost detail. All-in-all, this is one of my all-time favorite images of a perching bird.

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