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Story Behind the Photo

Right Place – Right Time

Very rarely are we ever in the right place at the right time WITH a camera set up. This particular day, I had set up my camera and tripod with flash in my backyard near the feeders. This was taken back in 2002 with the Nikon D1H and 600mm lens set at f/4.0. The flash […]

Photography Tips

Photographing with Passion

The most frequently asked question that I get from my followers is “How do I get started in wildlife photography?”. There’s no definitive set of rules and no specific camera gear requirements. All that’s needed is passion. If you love being outdoors and you love capturing what you see and experience with your camera, then […]

Apps for Photographers

Color Splash

Color Splash is a fun little app. Basically, the app creates a desaturated layer from a copy of the original photo. You choose one of 4 different brushes to reveal the original color photo beneath. It appears that you are magically painting the color back into the photo. Features: Video tutorials explain the use of […]